On a Mission

Well I have finally taken the plunge to setup my own website. It's been on my mind for a long time, however, it was not until I heard one of Fr J Loring's talks on YouTube that I decided to embark in this new venture. 
I have realized that you can find a lot of evil on the internet and I would like to add my little contribution to try and counteract this by trying to bring people closer to God (I will pray that God may enlighten and guide me).
I would like to describe myself as a sinner on a mission and this mission is to get into Heaven and try and save as many souls for the Glory of God with God's help.
I am a Catholic and on this website you will find, my personal views, testimonials, pics, poetry and prayers amongst other things. 
Everything you will find on this website is of Catholic content.
I will try and update this on a weekly basis, however, being a working mum of two, may at times make it impossible.
Hope you enjoy this website!
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God's work through a lens

Photographs capture time in a magical way. By looking at a photograph a whole lot of feelings and memories come to you. 
It will take you back in time.
Capturing God's work through a lens, especially His creation, is a great way to appreciate and see how well designed everything is. We can admire his detailed creation and by doing so we can see how much Love He has put in everything.
Let us try and imitate Him by putting Love into everything that we do!
All images (c) 2017
M D Pocock
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I find poetry can help us release our supressed feelings in an artistic way. Sometimes our innermost thoughts and feelings can come to light through a poem. This can help us decompress, relax and reflect on ones own conscience. 
Writing poems will give sound to our inner voice. 
We can learn a lot from 'The Psalms' in the Bible. A collection of stories, hymns, poems and praises full of emotion, worship and praise to our Almighty God.
All poetry (c) 1997 - 2017
M D Pocock
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Let me know what you think.

If you have any questions, ideas to improve my site or you simply want your personal testimony or poetry to be included please email me.

Thanks for visiting, God Bless and see you soon!