Suffering (03.06.18)

Suffering is necessary for the purification of our souls.
We will never understand the sufferings that we have to endure in this life. In suffering we are humbled, we are purified and our sins expiated.
Embracing suffering is hard. When we suffer we can realise that we have no control over our own lives (many times we think we are, but we are mistaken).
When sickness strikes, sometimes, not even Doctors can help.
It is important to walk with God through life. In the good moments as well as in the bad. Walking with Christ does not mean that we will have no pain or sufferings (maybe, we will even face more challenges than a non-believer) but it means trusting that He has everything under control and therefore we must be prepared to accept all that comes our way.
God does not necessarily bring suffering to us, but he will use it for a greater good, thus bringing us closer to Him.
Jesus laid His life for us and suffered immensely to redeem us. Mary also suffered great heartache seeing her son tortured and in pain. We can partake in that redemption if we offer and unite our sufferings to the sufferings Jesus bore on the cross.

Love (16.06.18)

What is love? It sure is not what we see on TV, where all seems fair as long as you love someone.
It is not saying ‘I Love You’ hundred times as words often come easy. Actions on the other hand are a bit harder to master. It is easy to say how much you love someone when everything is going right. Love is deeper than words, it is deeper than feelings. Love is self sacrifice for others. Like a mother who sits by her children’s beds at night when they are sick (that mother would much prefer to sleep but instead she stays awake to nurse her child).
Love is not always a walk through a rose garden (always remember, roses have thorns).
The word love is thrown around loosely nowadays, people are often mistaken about what it actually involves.
Instead of in a dictionary, look at the cross of Christ to find the true meaning of the word.

Misunderstood (28.07.18)

Everyone is so often misunderstood.
We don’t really know what truly goes through other people’s minds.
We are quick to make judgement but we are quick to jump if we are judged.
Do not do to others what you wouldn’t want them to do to you. If we all applied this, the world would be so much better.
And even if no-one applies this. Be that one person to change, atleast we owe that much to God. Love everyone unconditionally. Show others how it is that we are supposed to be. Even if with your actions you only change one person, it is one more person to give glory to God. For the Bible says, there is more credit when you love someone who is not good to you, than loving those who love you.
Love everyone.

Nobody knows the time or the hour (16.08.18)

No one knows either the time or the hour of their guaranteed expiry date. The Bible tells us to always be prepared for we do not know when it is that we will be called. Young, old, strong, weak, no one can escape the inevitable. The only thing I can predict will happen 100% to all of us is this. One day we will take our last breath. We will have to leave everything behind, Let’s make sure that when that happens we are ready. Ready with our suitcase packed. Packed with good things, packed with love, packed with good deeds, packed with Godly things. Let’s not worry so much about the end of the world, which many people do. But rather the end of our lives. Let’s reflect on the above and not waste time in stupidities. Time is precious and the clock is always ticking.

Anxiety/Depression (19.10.18)

It is very easy to fall into anxiety and/or depression. Everyday I hear about more people suffering from these. I believe there are a few things that can contribute to the worsening of this terrible disease:

  1. No prayer, no mass and no confession in someone’s life.
  2. The evil one attacking us through our minds; putting bad thoughts in our heads. Especially if we are suffering from pain relating to maybe, your partner leaving you or losing someone in your life that you love or friends treating you badly etc and similar situations. The devil will take advantage of a painful situation in our lives in order to enter and place bad thoughts in our heads. DO NOT LISTEN. I know it’s easier said than done, but pray harder to be able to achieve this. Ask God for help, and even when you think God is not helping, He will. Just weather the storm and wait on Him.
  3. A lot of the stuff we eat i.e. sugars that can altar our moods. Eat clean and healthy for a healthy, balanced body and mind.
  4. Certain medications which can have side effects.

We have to learn to differentiate if our thoughts are from God and when they are from the devil. And in order to do this we need to ask God for the gift of discernment. Pray for discernment and wisdom.

So many suicides going on. It’s incredible. Ending your life is not and never will be the solution to any problem. That’s what the devil wants. He wants us for him and ending your life does not conform with God’s plans for us. We must endure everything that happens in our life. Doesn’t matter how much it hurts. Offer it up. For when we die we will be rewarded in Heaven for having endured and persisted through troubled times. Suicide is not a solution. It’s a possibility that you will end up somewhere we don’t want to go because of this (although I know this is something that only God knows) but I wouldn’t risk finding out once I’m dead because then there is no way back. I will wait for God to call me from this earth as we all have a purpose in life. God knows when we have to leave this earth. Do not decide for Him. Even if you think you are alone. Or afraid or sick or dying. We must never contemplate suicide. This is not the way.

It is human to have negative thoughts on occasions but when this happens we must learn to quickly put these thoughts out of our heads. God comes to our rescue. He is present in the altar of every catholic mass. Go to Him, talk to Him, love Him. He is the only one true friend that will never fail us. Persist to the need. Talk to your guardian angel for protection – God gave them to us especially for that. Talk to Mother Mary – God gave her to us so she can lead us to Him.

Trust God blindly forever, we will be rewarded some day and like that we can be together in the afterlife.

How beautiful to be able to spend eternity with God our father who created us and with our families and friends, the angels and the saints.

If anyone has suffered the loss of someone dear to suicide please pray for them, make offerings and sacrifices for them and hear masses for them. The following is a quote from Padre Pio which gives us hope for our deceased loved ones:

‘Padre Pio continued, “Maybe you don’t know that I can pray even now for the happy death of my great-grandfather.”

“But he has been dead for many, many years,” replied the doctor. 

“I know that too,” said Padre Pio. “Let me explain by giving you an example. You and I both die, and through the good fortune and the goodness and mercy of the Lord we are obliged to stay in purgatory for 100 years. During these years nobody prays for us or has a Mass offered for the release of our souls. The 100 years pass and somebody thinks of Padre Pio and the good doctor and has Masses offered. For the Lord, the past does not exist; the future does not exist. Everything is an eternal present. Those prayers had already been taken into account so that even now I can pray for the happy death of my great-grandfather! 

The important moral is that we should always pray for the deceased, even those who have died many years ago, because for God there is neither a past nor a future, but all as one eternal present’. 

Grudges (23.04.20)

Do not hold grudges against anyone. Holding grudges is like wearing chains around your neck. They will weigh you down throughout your life. I choose to stay with the good of the people that I have met throughout my life. Understanding that they are human too and that they too make mistakes, just like you and me. Don’t judge them, you do not know where they come from and what they have been through. I am not asking you to be a fool. If you know someone is doing you wrong or is not a good influence, then it is ok to step away but do so in an honorable manner and do not hold anything they do to you against them. Forgive them as God forgives us time and time again throughout our lives when we ask for His forgiveness.