Kicking off my blog with a little background (11.05.17)

I am 37 years old, born to devout Catholic parents. My mum sadly passed away in 2014. She was ill for a long time with periods of remission in between. She was a fighter and a true role model. A true Catholic who definitely lived in accordance with God’s teachings. Always putting God first in every little thing she did. She always used to tell me that we all need to have ‘pious thoughts’ (pause… How many of us have pious thoughts?)
I miss her immeasurably and I do miss her advice and guidance.

Feeling blessed on this Confirmation Day (16.05.17)

Well today has been my son’s Confirmation. What can I say. I am very happy that he is now confirming of his own accord what we, as parents did for him in Baptism. I was teary eyed in the Church Service this morning. Hearing the children’s voices in the choir and listening to the Bishop’s words was just beautiful. I hope and pray for the Holy Spirit to protect and guide him always through life’s journey and may he always remember his foundation and how much God loves him.
Feeling truly blessed!

Athletics Day, but what about exercise for the Soul (18.05.17)

Today was Athletics Day and my daughter competed in the relay. Her team did not win but they tried their best. I couldn’t help but notice how competitive some parents are and this made me think. Please do not get me wrong, I am not saying that being competitive is a bad thing. What I am saying is that many of us worry over how well we do in sport, work, school. We spend a lot of time working on our physical appearance. Yet we spend little to no time at all on what will remain forever and that is our Soul.
Let’s invest more time on our souls.

Start of the Novena of the Holy Spirit (26.05.17)

At Church today I saw people in a different light. I saw them carrying their own crosses, yet there they were, praising the Lord with their hands up in the air, singing  and glorifying the King. Raising all their worries, struggles, fears and problems to Him.

In return, getting the peace, love and strength that they need to endure this valley of tears.

There’s always going to be problems in this world but we have a choice. Either face them with or without Him.

You choose!

Not feeling well for a while (02.06.17)

Well I haven’t been feeling 100% for the past few weeks. I have been off work for a week, not moving much because of my dizzy spells. I’ve had tests done and these do not show anything out of the ordinary. I have to be honest I am such a wimp when it comes to sickness. I get anxious and worry a lot. I know nobody wants to be ill and suffer, however, there are people in life, who like my mum, never moan, or complain, or show they are worried. I pray that I can be that way, a warrior, a fighter. I know God alone is the only one who can change that. So I will pray this prayer to help me.

Keep on trying (08.06.17)

My son was a bit upset today as his relay team did not do that well. He blamed himself for not running fast enough and thus letting the team down.

I always tell my kids that whatever they do, be it in school, sport etc to try their hardest and as long as they try their hardest I will be happy no matter what the end result is.

I believe that in the same way as I give this advice to my kids, God also tells us to try our hardest. He knows when we try our best to follow him and I truly believe he is happy when we try.

Struggles – of course, a lot of them, but in the end what matters is where our hearts are. And our all-knowing God knows our hearts.

Let’s try our utmost to strive in this race, the race of life in order to attain the greatness of eternal glory with our good God.

Relaxing in the Sun (19.06.17)

My husband and I decided last minute to take our kids for a mini break this past long weekend. We spent 3 wonderful days, relaxing, enjoying the sun and enjoying each other’s company.

We made a decision of not using our mobile phones during the day and let me tell you, it was lovely. We, like the rest of the world have become accustomed to spending a lot of time on our mobile devices, this being extremely detrimental to our families, friendships and society.

Let’s value our time and make the most of it with the people around us. There is nothing like human interaction!

Preaching by example (28.06.17)

Preaching by example; easier said than done. Being good and not falling into temptation is easier said in theory, however, applying it and acting on it is something else. We have to be very close to God and remain in prayer always to be able to try and succeed. It is when we fall that we not only let God and ourselves down but we discourage the people around us who cannot comprehend how us ‘religious’ can muck up so easily. Everyone should understand that we are human and it is natural to fall, however, I am convinced that daily prayer, monthly confession and working towards strengthening our relationship with God will make us think twice before we lapse.

It is also very important not to forget that the way we act, the way we speak and the way we deal with life’s problem’s will have a great impact on our young who look up to us.

Let us be alert 24/7 because the evil one will be frontline waiting for us to let our guards down.

Tears from the heart (01.07.17)

My son was asked to act as ‘altar boy’ in an old people’s home on Saturday mornings. Although he agreed to go he was a bit reluctant as he didn’t know what to expect, nonetheless he followed through.

I stood at the back of the room and the nurses started to bring the old people down from their rooms in their wheelchairs, walkers etc to hear mass.

Before Mass, catholic music was played and it was then that I could not contain myself, seeing these lovely people clap and sing, my tears just made their way down my cheeks.

I saw people that I had known for years. Once fit and strong, now old and frail. It touched me and confirmed that the only real hope any human being can have is in God. We might tend not to think like that when we are feeling ‘ok’ ; when we are young; when we are out and about paying no attention to our spiritual needs. But when we are in hospital beds, when we are old and frail, when we can no longer stand on our own two legs, we have more time in our hands. Time to really think about life, time to make amends with the world, ourselves and most importantly with God.

Through our whole life God will be knocking on our door and it is only upto us to choose whether we will answer that knock.

Don’t let time pass, we might not even get to be old. The time is now for we have a lot of catch up to do.

Our spiritual growth will take an extensive amount of  time to flourish. There will be times of struggles, failures, falling down and getting back up again. Times of relentless prayer, repentance, commitment. We cannot do these things from one day to the next.

Let’s make time for the things that matter, we tend to waste a lot of time with things that are pointless.

Taking God in the suitcase (12.08.17)

It has been a while since I updated my blog. This has mainly been because we have been away on our summer holidays.

We decided to drive to the Amalfi Coast in Italy and spend 9 days there. On our way to and from there we made a few stops. These included stops in Lourdes, France; Lanciano, Italy; Pietrelcina, Italy; San Giovanni Rotondo, Italy; Loreto, Italy and Turin, Italy.

For the people who might not know what you can find in these places please go to ‘God’s work through a lens’ to find pictures and a brief summary about each place.

It has been a relaxing and enjoyable holiday and for me personally, aswell as for my husband and I would like to believe for our kids too has been a spiritual journey. One which has brought us that little bit closer to God and given us the desire to desire him more.

Let us never leave God behind when we go on holiday. Take him with you in your suitcase. Find a church for mass on Sundays when you are on holiday and give thanks and praise.

Feeling…OK (02.09.17)

Each day a new story in our lives is written. Sometimes there are good days and sometimes there are bad days. Whatever day you are having don’t forget to praise God for all the days of our lives are His. Have confidence that if we are with Him then everything that happens will have it’s reasons. That He is behind that beautiful cross-stitched pattern, whilst we are just underneath seeing all the mess without understanding what is happening on the right side.

If you struggle to have this confidence then ask Him for it in prayer .

May you have a blessed week!

Too many things, so little time (21.09.17)

Ok… so I have just sat down for five minutes before I go to bed because I am so tired!

Does anybody feel like you are always rushing trying to get things done. There are so many things you want to do in a day that you just don’t know where to start and just don’t have enough time to finish anything.

Well that’s how I have been feeling lately and I don’t like it. I need time for me, time to think, time to breath in deep, time to just do nothing for a little while.

Let us make time in our busy schedules to have some ‘me’ time because this is needed in order to reflect, prioritize and think whether we are dedicating more time to unnecessary things and pushing aside the major things like; God, family, friends etc

Learn your faith (28.09.17)

Sometimes our children ask us questions that we, as parents do not know how to answer. I always try and pray for the correct advice and the correct words to come out of my mouth when posed with questions about life. The question today was….’how do we know that ‘Our’ religion is the true one?’… The best answer I can give is that our religion is the one with the miracles, prophesies, visions, the only one where a person made flesh resurrects from the dead. Jesus’ teachings are the voice of reason and when looked at in depth everything he tells us makes perfect sense. Plus Jesus has been the only one from all the big established religions who has claimed to be the Son of God.

I believe that it is good to ask questions. Always trying to look for answers in the right places. We have to learn our faith.

It is like a job. To become an expert in our specified field of work it requires study, practice and dedication. without these we won’t get very far. In this way we will be able to defend our faith when needed. This. is very important because lies can sound very convincing when well spoken.

Lets change our ways (13.11.17)

We complain when our kids fight over little things, yet we don’t realize that us adults do the same thing in God’s eyes. So much suffering and so many devastating situations around the world, yet we complain and argue over insignificant things. Will we ever learn? As we hope our kids grasp this concept, someday, so too our Heavenly Father is waiting patiently for us to change our ways. Be more caring, more compassionate, more giving and more loving. As Jesus said ‘Love is the greatest commandment’. For when we love, all the right things fall into place.

Be constant (04.01.18)

Always be constant with God’s affairs. Constantly in prayer, in learning about Him, in trying to become like Him. He, who has been with you since you first opened your eyes. Who has been with you, when you thought you were alone, insecure and troubled. Who has been with you even though you thought you had no need of Him, He, who you could not see, touch or feel, at times, but always kept a close watch. As a parent who keeps watch of their children from a close distance.

Gone but never forgotten (13.01.19)

This coming 11th February will mark five years since my mum’s passing. When she died I couldn’t cry, I had cried so much before her death, whilst she was sick. I remember my mum telling me exactly the same thing about how she felt when my grandmother (her mother) died, she too, did not have any tears left to cry. 

As the days went by I remember feeling sad and yes, I did cry every now and then. These tears came to me when everyone was asleep in my house, I have never liked to cry in front of anyone. I would look at her picture on my wall and cry and think of her and cry some more. I had to learn to live without her and it was hard. As the days went by and everything else seemed to fall back into full swing, as always, I remember feeling scared, scared to even think that with the passing of time, I would forget her. I did not want to forget her, I love her! 

Now, nearly five years on, I can say, that no, I haven’t forgotten her. She is in my thinking, she is in my speaking, she is in my doing. All those times she spoke to me when she was alive and well, all those conversations we had, all those ups and downs we lived, are all a part of me, they have made me who I am today and I wouldn’t change a single thing, a single day, a single hour.

How grateful I am to God for giving me such a marvellous, remarkable mother.

She has gone, but I can assure you, she will never be forgotten. 

Blue skies (16.03.19)

Today has been a lovely, beautiful, sunny and warm day. I went out with my camera to capture some nature shots. Exquisite and charming pieces created by the hand of the One who gave me life.

When you look at a painting, a work of art, you are able to recognise the magnificent talent of the one who created the piece, without even seeing the artist. 

In the same way, we can attest that there is a mighty and all powerful God, who has created all these splendid things, without having to see Him. 

Romans 1:20. Ever since the creation of the world, the invisible existence of God and his everlasting power have been clearly seen by the mind’s understanding of created things. And so these people have no excuse