Flower (2)

‘I wrote this about a year after my Mum’s death. I miss her dearly but I can say that deep down I feel very much at ease because I know she is very much alive’

Stay a little longer
Stay a little longer,
for I have things to tell you.
Hold my hands intensely,
don’t go away just yet.
Stay a little longer,
for I do love you so much.
Kiss my head so gently,
don’t go away just yet.
Stay a little longer,
I know you really want to.
Hold me in your arms,
don’t go away just yet.
Stay a little longer,
I so need you around me.
Oh my dear Mother,
my truly one & only friend.

(dp poetry)

‘We can learn a lot from walking in other people’s shoes, especially how unjust we can be’ 

Put yourself in my shoes
Put yourself in my shoes,
that is all I ask.
Put yourself in my shoes,
and walk a little while.
Put yourself in my shoes,
and try to understand.
Put yourself in my shoes,
see through my tired eyes.
Put yourself in my shoes,
sometimes it’s not that easy.
Put yourself in my shoes,
and you will see more clearly.
Put yourself in my shoes,
that’s why I am like this.
For I will put on your shoes,
and see what I did miss.
(dp poetry)

‘Our bodies wither just like flowers do’.
Psalm 103:15
15 As for a human person – his days are like grass, he blooms like the wild flowers;
16 as soon as the wind blows he is gone, never to be seen there again.


You look quite distant;
unrecognizable at times.
The bright light you once radiated,
is dimming faster than an old fading bulb.

Your hair has lightened;
it is brittle, lifeless and dull.
The beautiful smile you once wore,
now it’s corners turn the wrong way round.

Your outer shell looks frail and small,
your big brown eyes fatigued,
Signs of living, map your face
your youthful beauty, truly seized.

Look at you, where has your time gone.
You thought you would live forever,
yet the end doesn’t seem far off.

No! mirrors do not lie,
reflections speak for themselves.
for no matter how hard you try,
you cannot make time return.

(dp poetry)


‘Do not be afraid to be saints. Follow Jesus Christ who is the source of freedom and light. Be open to the Lord so that He may lighten all your ways’.

Pope John Paul II

In Chains
Invisible chains wrapped around my wrists,
they weigh me down,
so down my arms I cannot lift.
For even worldly freedom is not for free,
no, you cannot do as you please.
careful not to be enslaved to sin.
We get confused saying ‘I do what I want’,
little do we know,
it’s the evil one that’s in control.
God break away these chains,
for you alone can do this,
you are my only hope,
my prayer I know you won’t dismiss..
(dp poetry)

‘O Mary my mother, I am sorry that my sins did this to Him’.

In Her Arms

Her heart crushed in tiny pieces,
as it was foretold.
She cradled him in her arms once more,
not wanting to let go.

Her little boy so cruelly beat,
enveloped in blood divine.
Oh Mary, utter pain unseen,
to God you did resign.

Something deep inside her snapped,
human as she was, she cried.
Torn and shattered, vastly broken,
God consoled her as He died.

 (dp poetry)

‘I tend to ponder a lot on the spirit world, I think about my mum and all those family members that have gone already. People that were once here on earth just like we are now’.

There’ll be a day

There’ll be a day when I will never walk down my corridor again.
I will never look out of my window,
never sit by my favourite spot.

There’ll be a day when I will never sit at my table to eat.
I will never lie down on my bed,
never come through my front door.

The clock keeps ticking, bringing new beginnings.
Other’s footprints will erase my own,
then, I’ll just be a memory.

The sounds of the past that once existed, have ceased.
Now, new sounds are echoing,
silencing all stories once lived.

Although life will keep changing and my body exists no longer,
my soul will continue,
keeping watch from afar.

Until reunited, one by one,
again we’ll stand together,
then there’ll be a day when we will no longer be apart.

(dp poetry)

‘I tend to think a lot about whether I am doing things in accordance with catholic teachings. Whether I am trying my hardest and whether God is happy with my efforts. It seems when I am having pious thoughts I always question whether I am thinking what I am thinking for the right reasons. Maybe I am not making much sense – I don’t know how else to explain it really’.

Oh God

Oh God, my head is in constant turmoil,
daily spiritual battles have weakened my strength.
Tortures of the mind burden me,
here I come to you for help.

Oh God, it’s a permanent struggle,
a war that rages through my long, endless days.
Hidden from men’s naked eyes,
only You see my soul defaced.

Oh God, I’m crying in silence,
hidden away from the world in this solitary place.
My pious thoughts often get poisoned,
come take my hand , I pray.

Oh Lord, my God, be with me,
for you can read my heart like an open book.
You know the true will of my spirit,
only You can guide me through

(dp poetry)

‘When I am afraid, I put my trust in You – Psalm 56:3’  

Lord, I offend You with my worries,
I don’t know how to overcome this.
Only You can liberate me,
From this daunting anxiety.
I will lift my hands to You, Lord,
with the little strength that is left in me.
Praying for these awful thoughts,
to leave my mind to rest.
I don’t want to offend You further,
I know You know this well.
But it gets so hard at times,
That I often falter and derail.
Lord, I would like to see You,
And chat with You a while.
Maybe that’s why it gets so hard,
For I see nothing with my naked eyes.
And so I ask You know, Lord,
For You to give me the power.
To stand firm in all my trials,
Without worries or concerns.
Please God, in the name of Jesus,
In the good times and in the bad.
I want to be with You,
Forever Yours and in your hands.
(dp poetry)

‘Savor all experiences whether good or bad. These experiences will make you, you’  

Through the eyes of an older me

I sit in my room,
sun’s rays through my window;
dust particles, flying ever so graceful.

My mind always occupied,
never a silent moment,
not even when I rest.

The clock tick tocks without ceasing,
the sound grows ever so loud;
it deafens my ears.

Time flies by,
as quick as a lightning flash;
please take in every minute.

Slow down time,
there’s always one more thing to do,
one more thing to say.

Moments of laughter and moments of pain.
God always keeping watch,
’til the day He takes me away.

(dp poetry)