My Path With God

When I was born, God held my hand,

Not wishing to let go,

Yet as I grew I did let go,

And wandered an empty path.

I traveled free and I was me,

Living as I wished,

But now, today I need his hand,

To help me to that shining light!

by Walter Pocock

A child’s prayer

The angels take me in their arms,

And protect me in my sleep,

During the dark hours, oh so calm,

My precious life to keep.

As I lay down to sleep at night,

I say a silent prayer,

Dear God I know that it is right,

To love and show we care.

So for those we know,

Like Family and friends,

But also for those we do not know,

We should share our love and care 

So I ask the angels please,

To take time from my side,

And drive away the devil’s schemes,

Where ever they may hide.

By Walter Pocock