Some time before my mum died I asked her to write her testimony of a particular incident or we could say series of incidents she had with Angels. Not that she saw or heard any, but rather how things sometimes develop without the need of words, sight or hearing.

This is what she wrote….

Before relating my personal experience (my testimony) I would very much like to emphasize the following:

The will power of the individual in doing the will of God is of paramount importance and in all circumstances we have to demonstrate to the Lord our faith (which by the way, don’t try to find an answer if in doubt about anything). Leave everything in His hands because He is the only one to lead the way to the Father. That is why, we should all be willing and strong to have that will power in doing His will and in that way demonstrate our faith to Him.

We should ask Him to make us strong and when we show Him that we are willing to follow Him, by doing His will, there is absolutely no doubt that our Holy guardian angels, created by God to help us in this world, will do so, by showing us the way the Lord wants us to do things, which in no doubt is the best. There is one very important thing to bear in mind; that is to leave the Lord in front, in every circumstance. He knows best, as I’ve learned with what I am about to relate
(although I never had any doubts).

In November 1996 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was quite a shock for me and my family. It was a very large tumor, so much so that it did not even appear on the mammogram. The Doctor only got to know through a biopsy which I underwent some time after the mammogram. After a whole year of chemotherapy treatment, a mastectomy and radiotherapy treatment I was given the great news that I was cancer free.

Parentheses: I would like to say that my husband and myself have always been firm believers and all throughout my illness we asked and prayed for God’s help.
I am also very grateful to all those people who prayed for us during this time; this undoubtedly helped us to carry my illness much better.

Thanks and praises to Him.

A few months short of 10 years after, in June 2006 I was once again diagnosed with breast cancer. This time round it was only abnormal cells. When the Doctor told me over the phone I started to cry. I told my family and I told them that I was sorry because they had to go through the same thing they had gone through ten years back. Immediately after saying this, the words that came to my mind, came out of my mouth “let’s leave the Lord in front”

Well, the next step was to go to my local Hospital in Gibraltar. There, they gave me an appointment to see the Surgeon, this was scheduled for three weeks after this visit.

Parentheses: I know, when someone finds themselves in this situation, waiting is very hard, but I had said I’d leave the Lord in front so I had to be patient and wait on Him.

Whilst I waited for my next appointment I continued with my daily routine. One of the days I had some shopping to do, however, it was not the usual time of day where I would go shopping (I am sure it was my guardian angels, ordered by God, of course, who made me go out at that time. No doubt it was the Lord’s doing). As I was walking I met a friend from school, whom I don’t see much. She asked me how I was and I told her that I had breast cancer again. She told me to pray to the angels and then ensure to thank them, always, with the Lord in mind, who is the one who does everything.

Parentheses: I must say that when I was a child, through my mother I had learned about angels but when I grew up I only prayed to Jesus or sometimes Our Lady to intercede.

During that same week they showed a programme on TV, in the E.W.T.N. channel. It was about Angels.

Three weeks went by and I went to the appointment that had been scheduled. The Doctor told me that it would be best for me to go to the Royal Marsden Hospital in UK (the same Hospital I had been to 10 years earlier) to decide what they were going to do. The Doctor told me that he would let me know when they had an appointment scheduled.

Parentheses: I must say that when either myself or one of my family members need to go to the Doctors I always ask the Lord for the Holy Spirit to speak through that particular Doctor.

At this point I was waiting to hear from our local Hospital. A day went by, two days, a week, two weeks, I was still waiting to be called. My husband was getting impatient and he wanted to go and ask what was taking them so long but I reminded him, I had said I would leave the Lord in front and I wanted to keep my word. That is the way that we can show we really trust Him.

It was nearly three weeks by now. It was a Tuesday and my husband said “if by Monday we have no news we ask the Hospital” I prayed to Jesus and said that I wanted Him to be the one to let me know when I should go without asking the hospital. Praise the Lord, the following day I had a telephone call informing me that all the arrangements were ready.

Just before leaving for London a friend of us called me on the phone to wish me well and there again she mentioned the angels. That was the third time that the Lord wanted me to know about His angels.

We flew to London, I say we because my husband is always the one to come with me. No need to say that we were praying unceasingly to Jesus. I kept asking Him for guidance and for Him to reveal to me what I should do when encountering decision making.

At my UK appointment the Doctor told me I had two choices, either radiotherapy treatment or a mastectomy. Immediately, I knew the answer. The mastectomy choice came immediately to mind. They called the same Surgeon who had performed the surgery ten years back.

Parentheses: I must say that when I had my first mastectomy I also had an implant, which I actually, although I did not know at the time, after ten years it becomes hard and should be replaced.

So the surgeon came and suggested I had a mastectomy, an implant and at the same time renew the old implant in my other breast, but I knew very well what I wanted, thank God. I told him that I wanted a mastectomy and at the same time have the other implant removed completely.

It was a Monday and the Surgeon said I could have the operation done that same week, on the Thursday, but I declined (to my husband’s surprise). I explained to the doctor that it was our grandson’s 2nd birthday and my daughter had been planning to celebrate it (although she had stopped the preparations because of my illness). I knew that if I had the operation when the doctor had proposed, my grandson could not have his birthday party, which incidentally is on the same day as mine (11th September).  So the Surgeon booked my surgery for the 19th September. Through that I’ve learned that when you think of others and put others before you the Lord works wonders. Later I realised that the Lord had His reasons of why He did not want me to have the operation then. For you see, my father-in-law had at the time been three months in hospital back in Gibraltar and because we came back for the party, my husband was able to be with his father three more weeks. for when we returned to the UK for my operation he passed away.

Although we had to return for my surgery, we had to remain a further week in London for the pre-assessment, in order to have everything ready for when we returned for surgery. During that week we went to visit Westminster Cathedral and my husband mentioned going to St Paul’s bookshop after Mass. We were sitting in Church and for a moment I closed my eyes and the name ‘Angeles’ came to my mind. ‘Angeles’ is the word ‘Angels’ in Spanish and also a ladies name. I told my husband, thinking I had remembered a lady we know by that name, but all of a sudden I realised that the angels had put those words in my mind so that when we went to St Paul’s bookshop we would buy a book of angels. We went to the bookshop and my husband saw a book of angels which we ended up buying. As we left the shop, my husband noticed some ceramic, thimble sized angels.

The following day we went back, to buy another book that we had seen previously but that book had already been sold so we looked for another book (I believe Jesus took us back there to find the book of St Michael the Archangel) which we ended up buying. Just as we were leaving the shop my husband called me to look at the ceramic angels we had seen the day before and just there, beside them, my eyes caught sight of a bookmark stand. They had people’s names on them. There was only one left with my name and at the back it read ‘The Lord will renew your strength’ no doubt we bought it (to me this is one of the ways the Lord communicates with us).

The day for the pre-assessment arrived and just as I had finished filling in all the forms etc a Research Nurse at the Hospital approached us and asked me whether I would be interested in taking part in a study they were conducting. The study was to see, whether, in mayor operations, like mine, which pain relief would be more efficient. I did not like the idea, because, as I told my husband later on, I had been thinking of offering up all the pain I would have post surgery, to God. Although I had my doubts whether eventually I would have to ask for some kind of pain relief, however, my intentions were there. This gentleman noticed I was doubtful of whether to accept or not and he suggested for me to take the leaflets explaining what the research entailed and then have a think about it, so I accepted. We flew back to Gibraltar, my grandson’s birthday was celebrated and as previously explained my husband spent time with his father and then we returned to UK on the 17th September for the operation.

Parentheses: I would like to add that September is the month of the Angels. On 29th September we celebrate the feast of St Michael, St Gabriel and St Raphael the Archangels.

The day I was admitted into Hospital the Research Nurse asked me whether I had thought about the study and whether I had made a decision. I told him that I had decided not to accept it and he asked ‘Why?’ followed by ‘It was not my intention to ask’ however, he said that something had made him ask. I told him that I love Jesus very much and as a kind offering I would like to offer the pain that would arise from the surgery. He then said ‘I love Jesus very much too. Our Lady suffered a lot. It was not physical pain, nevertheless, she suffered in her heart and you, just by being here you are suffering already, for yourself and for your loved ones’. He then showed me two medals that he was wearing, one of Jesus and the other of St Michael the Archangel. Then he went to an adjacent room and brought with him two photographs. These photographs were of his home. they were photographs of pictures, one of Jesus and Mary and another of St Michael the Archangel. He said he had had them in his house for about 5 months or more, however,  that day, something had told him to bring them with him to Hospital and that now he knew that they were for me (he gave them to me).

I offered to enter into this study as actually it was upto me if I wanted to administer the morphine or not as this was intravenously and I would be in charge of the button. I was very grateful to him and I believe he had been used by God as an instrument.
By the way his name is ‘Seraphim’ – For those who do not know it, this is the name given to a specific choir of angels.

So the day of the surgery came. I had the mastectomy and thank God everything went well and I had no pain at all. Unlike my first mastectomy which was very painful. I thank and praise the Lord from the bottom of my heart for what He has done for me, for His mercy towards me. For giving me the strength, the perseverance, the patience and love. For showing me quite clearly that he created His angels to take care of us daily. For my family and especially my husband for in those moments when I felt low he was always there.

I must say, I don’t mind having had to undergo two mastectomies when I have gained so much more for my soul.
Thanks be to God.

So you see, when you really leave the Lord infront and you are patient and wait on Him, everything that happens is not coincidence, but God’s incidence.